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Do you want to impress your loved ones this Valentine’s day? Then check also our list of most popular German valentine’s songs here:

We handpicked Top 10 Romantic Songs in German from the charts and provided lyrics, translation, and breakdown of verbs, adjectives, and cultural references.

It will allow you to sing romantically in German without much effort, and warm your soul and make your German lover’s heart melt this Valentine’s day.

If this is not romantic, we don’t know what is :)

Our List Of Top 10 German Romantic Songs Sorted By YouTube Views:

Each song is translated into English with vocabularies tables for you to learn and improve your German skills.

10. Ich wünsch dir | Sarah Connor | 2019

09. Königlich | Marie Wegener | 2018

08. Nur Ein Wort | Wir Sind Helden | 2005

07. Kreise | Johannes Oerding | 2017

06. Zu dir | LEA | 2018

05. Auf anderen Wegen | Andreas Bourani | 2014

04. Ist da jemand | Adel Tawil | 2017

03. Phänomenal | Pietro Lombardi | 2018

02. Wie Schön Du Bist | Sarah Connor | 2015

01. Immer wenn wir uns sehn | LEA | 2018

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