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German Rap has become one of the most popular Genres in the German Music Charts in the last years. With ever better artists releasing new albums and singles almost on a weekly basis.

We at SingDeutsch follow what is currently trending in the German Music Charts on a weekly basis, and prepare each new rap song in a way that enables people who are learning German language, to read the German lyrics together with the English translation in addition to ready-to-study tables containing all Verbs, Nouns & Adjectives of the song’s German-lyrics. This way if you are planning to improve your German language skills and you are into Rap music, just bookmark this page and study every new song we publish here. You can find at the top a list of the most popular German Rap songs of all time and if you scroll-down you will find more songs that we have translated and prepared for you.

Happy Learning German!

Our List Of Top 10 German Rap Songs of all time in Sorted By YouTube Views:

Each song is translated into English with vocabularies tables for you to learn and improve your German skills.

All Rap Songs Translations Available on Sing Deutsch sorted by date of publish:

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